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RSA Global is a multi-award winning third-party logistics provider headquartered in Dubai with a core purpose of solving challenges for a better tomorrow. The member companies under RSA Global include RSA Logistics, RSA-TALKE, RSA Cold Chain and RSA National. RSA Global offers storage and 360-degree supply chain solutions, including distribution, transportation, and international freight, with international alliances that help extend its reach to every corner of the world. RSA Global's clients hail from a diverse portfolio of industries that include automotive, power generation, petrochemicals & chemicals, and food & beverage.

البنية التحتية لتكنولوجيا المعلومات
(5 - 10 yrs.)
دبي - الإمارات العربية المتحدة
Keywords: IT Infrastructure, IT services, VMware, VMware Certified Professional,VCP, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Enterprise Administrator Expert, MTA Cloud, Windows Server Admin Fundamentals, network monitoring, NAS storage management
Role Purpose: Purpose of this Role: Manage & actively monitor the network infrastructure and applications to ensure they are available to the business. Plan RSA's cloud future by designing and migrate the infrastructure to the cloud. Design & maintain IT software and hardware standards throughout the network. Ensure the ideal spend on IT is achieved through detailed cost analysis, negotiations and research. Security & Cloud Migration: 1 Migration all existing VMs to the Azure data center 2 Select the best group policy push to endpoints to improve security 3.Create the disaster recover plan and implement cross boarder/cloud/onsite backup 4 Implement 80% of ISO/IEC 27000:2013 and NIST CSF standards or 100% if possible 5.Ensure all endpoint data is recoverable and fully test all types of backup plans create for effectiveness Define & Maintain our Service Levels: 1. Ensure all staff information is updated accurately and continuously in the active directory 2. Create Service Level Agreements documents with all internal operation entities and signoff 3. Ensure all devices and applications have 99% uptime and ensure failure over plans are tested regularly 4. Ensure 100% compliance for ticket issuing & resolve as per agreed SLA timelines with the ticketing team 5. Onboard an external vendor to delivery ticketing support for low to medium ticket and ensure performance. Standardization 1. Optimize the network through live network monitors, hardware changes, standardization and configurations. 2. Standardized 100% of endpoints, servers, network hardware, software, imagining, and rollout 100% by year 1 3. Document the network infrastructure, update policies and complete asset tagging of all hardware and endpoints 4. Roll-out 3CX for telephony in full and all web conferencing tool with user training delivered for all management heads 5. Ensure correct naming conventions/labeling are used for all hardware, cables and endpoints with documentation ready for audit. Cost Management 1. Reduce transaction time of all tickets through deployment of training content, software or hardware 2. Ensure payments are processed in time for key applications, projects and software to keep the business running 3. Review all contracts/plan and renegotiate all packages to reduce cost or improve service to the business eliminate waste 4. Track, research alternative and optimize costs for telephony charges & other contracts monthly and show a 5% reduction MOM 5. Create a budget and plan for next years software license and user growth along with infrastructure upgrade & standardization efforts. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: 1) Ensure payment for critical IT services and applications are managed and future user budgeted 2) Manage & configure Office 365 email, domains , DNS, proxies and telephony for all new and existing employees 3) Cost management through analysis for all existing contracts, agreements, user utilization patterns and packages 4) Design and configure AP, network hardware, switches, firewalls, routes and monitor both network, VM, server health. 5) Manage the day to day virtualized server infrastructure, Windows Server, Active directory & group policy management. '6) Design maintain disaster recovery plans, daily/weekly/monthly backups on cloud/SAN / NAS storage management device 7) Ensure standardize of hardware is maintained throughout eh organization and ensure IT assets inventory is completed & accurate

مساعد حلول الأعمال
(4 - 9 yrs.)
دبي - الإمارات العربية المتحدة
Keywords: Business Solution Associate, Business Solution,Certified Business Analysis Professional,CBAP, Project Management Professional,PMP, Microsoft Office Specialist,MOS, Business Process Mapping,BPM, IT vendor,IT Solutions
Role Purpose: Purpose on Role: In this role the analyst will be responsible for liaising with the IT director and other business heads to investigate complex business problems and provide the recommended course of action along with the cost benefit analysis. The analyst will perform requirement gathering and elicitation follow by fact based verification. The role calls for in-depth research, cost budgeting, high-level project plans and a full procurement cycle . The problem landscape includes business processes, IT software/hardware solutions, and financial comparisons. Key Performance Indicators: 1.Research and recommend the most beneficial platform to present KPIs with the highest cost benefit ratio 2. Mockup related KPIs for each business unit, based on their requirements and challenge weak or atomistic KPIs 3.Estimate the cost of storing this data in a cloud environment and recommend a budget for both MVP / full-scale implementation 4.Develop a data acquisition plan that highlights which systems can provide the needed data for the KPIs and the level of automation possible Procurement & Costing: 1.Develop a network of 5 vendors that are price competitive and responsive for each key domain 2. Research and provide a cost benefit ratio for migrating on-premise VMware to the Azure cloud-based environment 3.Research and provide a cost benefit ratio for the implementation of an UEM and recommend the best in-class solution 4. Drive down IT costs budgets by researching competitive offers in the marketplace and implement the 3 largest savings potentials 5.Research and provide the best in class telephony system with web conferencing tools and procure all hardware necessary for the project Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 1 Study the warehouse operation and identify 5 candidate RPA processes with a high cost benefit ratio and implement 2.Analyze the HR processes conducted on the ERP solution and identify 10 candidate RPA processes with a high cost benefit ratio and implement 3. Analyze the financial processes conducted on the ERP solution and identify 5 candidate RPA processes with a high cost benefit ratio and implement KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: 1) Complete the full procurement cycle of any proposed solution from quotation to implementation. 2) Develop operational solutions by mixing hardware and software solutions that resolve the core business problem 3) Conduct in-depth business requirement gathering from all operational and business levels and excel at elicitation & refinement. 4) Document business problem and optimize them through technology and hardware solutions to reduce transaction time & waste. 5) Develop a network of vendor's to achieve rapid budget estimations and develop three point estimation techniques with a high accuracy 6) Ensure payment for critical IT services and applications are fulfilled in time and analysis end user behavior regular to adjust their package
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