Our Story

RSA Global is a multi-award winning third-party logistics provider headquartered in Dubai with a core purpose of solving challenges for a better tomorrow. The member companies under RSA Global include RSA Logistics, RSA-TALKE, RSA Cold Chain and RSA National. RSA Global offers storage and 360-degree supply chain solutions, including distribution, transportation, and international freight, with international alliances that help extend its reach to every corner of the world. RSA Global’ s clients hail from a diverse portfolio of industries that include automotive, power generation, petrochemicals & chemicals, and food & beverage.

Strengthened by a culture of putting safety first, as well as by living to delight our customers, RSA Global has built a strong reputation and keeps pushing boundaries in the logistics sector within the UAE and globally.

The company’s headquarters are strategically located between Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai South, providing the ideal infrastructure for its transportation, distribution and international freight service offerings. RSA’s innovative solutions and high-tech value-added services ensure a personalized service like no other for its customers.


At RSA Logistics, we supplement health-related employment benefits with support programs and services that foster a healthy workforce. We monitor health impacts and minimize workplace health risks by raising employee awareness in preventive action. This includes trainings and special presentations and other forms of internal communication to educate employees on local resources. Dedicated first aiders and facilities on board further provide specialized care and resources.


Operational safety ranks as one of the highest priorities through the organization. To aid mobility and flow through the facilities, RSA has implemented well-designed and dedicated walkways for Mechanized Handling Equipment (MHEs) and personnel. Further, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) are mandatory for full time employees as well as visitors.

Training of the team is an important element; however this needs to be coupled with quality infrastructure and equipment. RSA prides itself in well-maintained equipment that is periodically serviced. This includes fire-fighting systems, spill containment kits, secondary containment and a first aid room.


At RSA keeping our customers’ stock safe and secured is our priority, hence all our storage facilities & warehousing units benefit from state-of-the-art security systems supported by on site guards. Our objective is to keep our premises safe and ensure overall peace of mind to our customers.

To ensure secure warehousing, our security systems include:

  • External CCTV with digital recording which captures images of vehicles and pedestrians approaching or entering any point of access throughout the storage facility.
  • CCTV systems internally in each unit, linked to a central control system.
  • 24/7 onsite security guards licensed by the Department of Protective Systems (Dubai Police) provide regular day and night time patrol covering all areas of the facilities.
  • Access to the warehouse is not possible unless authorized.
  • Access to the warehousing facility is controlled via an access control panel and visitors must be met at the door.
  • All vehicles and personnel seeking to enter or exit the facility are subjected to security checks at the gates.
  • Suitable fencing and/or wall enclosure around the facilities.
  • All visitors must sign in and wear a badge and a high visibility visitors’ vest whilst in warehouse area.


With the ever-changing climate and global warming, an organization's carbon footprint is an increasingly important aspect that must be considered for sustainable growth. As a step to offset our carbon footprint, RSA has made considerable efforts to create a 'green belt' around our facilities. In addition, all materials that are a by-product of our day-to-day operations, such as plastics and wood, are recycled.


“Quality” for RSA logistics refers to the continuous process in which we systematically set objectives and benchmarks, recognize best practices and implement programmes for continual improvement of quality, which means fulfilling our customers’ requirements at best possible costs and at all times.

RSA prides itself in keeping quality above all, which means constantly evaluating and monitoring feedback, so as to measure our performance against prescribed requirements and to ascertain our capability of meeting the needs and expectations of customers and interested parties.

We lay emphasis on the following principles:

Customer Focus: Understanding our current and future customer needs so as not to merely meet their requirements but to exceed their expectations

Leadership: Creating and maintaining an internal environment in which employees are inspired and motivated.

Involvement of the Team: Engaging employees at all levels to cement the understanding that they are the essence of our organization and their full involvement enables the organization to grow.

Process Approach: Implementing a process approach to achieve desired results more efficiently, with the right resources.

System Approach to Management: Identifying, understanding and managing inter-related processes which as a system contributes to our organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Continual Improvement: Our organization’s overall performance is a permanent objective which we strive to achieve by continually improving our existing processes.

Factual Approach to Decision-Making: We make effective decisions based on the analysis of data and information we acquire.

Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships: RSA and our suppliers are interdependent and share a mutually beneficial relationship which enhances the ability of both to create value.

True as it sounds, Quality cannot be spelled without “U “which proves that in RSA, everything associated with Quality is a joint effort across all the departments of the organization.